If you’ve been wearing your yoga pants or leggings outside of the gym, raise your hands . . . NAY, raise your leg up for the ekapadashirasana. It doesn’t even matter if you’re at work, because FINALLY, the lack of comfortable pants is no longer an issue if you feel like doing a little stretch in the middle of a work day. (Kick that inactive desk job in the butt! Literally!)


Yoga pants are a Godsend in so many ways. They’re breathable (so you can actually walk to work or to the metro, without having your jeans become a part of your skin by the time you reach). They’re comfortable (you don’t have to unbutton your jeans anymore when you settle into your desk after a heavy lunch). They’re flattering (when paired with the right top, based on your body type, they’re a great way to show off the shape of your toned legs).

Can we hear a resounding OM?


With the advent of the yoga pants in your wardrobe, you may have found certain other semi-sporty elements sneaking into your wardrobe: a cool pair of sneakers perhaps, or a pair of dainty yet comfy flats (you know, something that looks cool, but also something you can actually walk around in)? Or a cool hoodie or sports jacket, that you can layer over a shirt and pair with ballet flats on a work day.

If this has been happening to you, you have been veering toward one of the newest fashion phenomena “athleisure”. If you haven’t caught on yet, please do, you will LOVE it.

Athleisure is a style that started cropping up among people who enjoy working out, and found their work-out wear becoming sort of like a second skin (but in a good way). Its clothes allow you to maintain your love for activity in whatever way you can through your day.

AND it shows off the muscle tone you’ve been working hard to achieve, and therefore earns the nod of approval from the fashion police as well.

Here’s how you nail it.

  1. The Pants

Get a pair of comfortable pants that you also look stunning in. They could be yoga pants or jogger’s pants, and you can use them any way you want. Pair them with a shirt and jacket to work, with a pair of clean sneakers, ballet flats or pumps.

Yoga Pants_Stilletoes_INTOTO Yoga Pants_INTOTO

  1. The Jacket

Jackets are essential to help protect your chest from the blast of the air-conditioning at work right after you’ve walked all the way there. Pick up a hoodie or even a sports jacket with a pop of colour and/or a ton of style.

Jackets _Athleisure_INTOTO Jackets _Athleisure_INTOTO

  1. The Shoes

Pick up a pair of slick sneakers that go great with your yoga pants and/or your jacket and play up your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a dress or even a skirt. Play it up, and play it comfy.

Romance on the streets_INTOTO_YogaPantsShoes _ Yoga pants_INTOTO

  1. The Bag

You could carry your usual tote, but you could also carry a sportier satchel that is convenient and often times, even waterproof. Your bag can help make or break the outfit. Just remember to carry a slick-looking sporty bag and if not a simple tote.

Bag_YogaPants_INTOTO Bag_YogaPants_INTOTO

  1. The Accoutrements

This could be your sporty Apple watch, or your g-shock; any kind of wearable technology that helps keep you on your toes. It could also be the inclusion of any kind of mesh in your shirts that keep you cool, no matter what you do.

5. Accoutrements - carbon38  Accoutrements _Yoga


Mix them up anyway you like to, throw in a pair of sunglasses or a beanie, whatever works with your lifestyle. But that’s just it. The way to truly rock the athleisure look is to start with the lifestyle. Keep finding reasons to move, and get active. Get athleisure.


Featured images via Lesouk, Refinery, whowhatwear, bloglovin, unrbanchicks, glamradar, dirtylittlestylewhore, somethingnavy, carbon 38, nordstrom, CanIGetAnotherBottleOfWhine

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