rock those red lips

You see a gorgeous picture of someone rocking a red lip. And you can’t help but want it. And then you remember what your mum told you, “Ladies wear pinks and peaches. Never reds and maroons.” And so you maroon the idea on an island reserved just for the uber-fashionable, and you sail along.

But you deserve that red lip.

And here’s 10 reasons to show you why and how you can rock it.

  1. Hair Pulled Back

hair back with red lips

No, you don’t have to look like a “vamp” or a “tramp” with a red lip, if you don’t want to. Just ask the most daintiest lady of all time. Audrey Hepburn flaunted her red lip with an updo or a pixie, matching her bold red lip with the bold and beautiful frame of her face.

  1. A Classic Sari

classic saree with red lips
Channel Old Bollywood, wear a dark and beautiful lip with your soft and flowy chiffon sari. Pull up your hair into darling old-fashioned updo and accessorize with some vintage jewellery a la Sonam Kapoor.

  1. Bling it On:

smoky eyes red lips curls

And no, you don’t have to go subtle with the rest of your outfit at all! Wear your red lip, with dark smoky eyes and dark curls like Bajrangi Bhaijaan star Deepika. Wear it with gold silks and some bling to boot.

  1. Go for Drama

sunglasses red lips

And the coolest, funnest way to wear your red lip? Is to go for that extra drama and magic, and wear it with a pair of bold round bug-eyed sunglasses. So channel that Lady Gaga, and make them all go Gaga over your look.

  1. Snow White

white dress red lips pout

And of course you can also contrast that dark pout with crisp, clean white to really channel that old Hollywood heroine look. It was gorgeous when Grace Kelly flaunted it, and beautiful now when Taylor Swift wears it too.

  1. Monochrome

lupita nyongo red lips

And you could wear it with black instead of white (or wear it with both black and white, even) to go with that bold pop of colour. Wear it with some classic black lace like Lupita Nyongo for that timelessly chic look.

  1. More Red

Marion Cotillard red lips

And who said you need to wear it with just blacks and whites? Wear it with more red, and some dark black curls like the sultry siren you know you and Marion Cotillard can be.

  1. Florals

Kristen Stewart red lips

And wear it with some florals and an elegant updo, to look pretty as a picture like Kristen Stewart here.

  1. Play it Cool

green Elizabeth Taylor red lips

Add some contrast by wearing it with cool colours like blue, purple and green. A green dress like what Elizabeth Taylor’s in ought to be perfect for the festive season!

  1. Some Like it Hot

warm colours red lips

Wear that red lip with warm colours like orange and pink. So close to red on the colour wheel, yet not quite. You’d have to be pretty bold to pull it off. And the best part is, you are!

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